Hello, I am Nathan.
loves Amsterdam

Hello, I am Nathan.


Hello, I’m Nathan. I like to make big moves, create delight, and cultivate community.

I’m from the Bay Area and went to school for history + theatre. I say “here’s the thing” a lot. I love photography, emoji, outer space, and long train rides. I eat vegetarian and try my best to follow a simple Buddhist practice. I like to create traditions, then continue them forever. I think collaboration is the closest humans get to magic.

I'm currently on the creative team for Warren 2020. Before that I was a creative director at Blue State Digital. Before that, I was the art director at Funny Or Die. Before that I was a server at Outback.

I am 50% of SuSu, a studio that creates experiences, art, and joy. I founded Dusty Speakers, a private music appreciation group. Want to 👋? Slide into my em's.