Hello, I'm Nathan.
And that is my dog Luna.

I am originally from the bay area, but currently live in Brooklyn. I try my best to live minimally. Big fan of the internet. I enjoy long distance train rides. I see as much live music as I can. You'll hear me say "here’s the thing" a lot. One time I had my apartment profiled on an interior design site. I’m a proud leftie? I think collaboration is the closest humans can get to magic.

Thank you for taking the time to read this. Feel free to email me if you want to say hey or have a fresh idea to work on together.


Stuff I Love

  • Outer Space
  • Gardening
  • Minimalism
  • Buddhism
  • Improv


  • Adobe Creative Suite
  • Photography
  • Screen Printing
  • Carpentry


  • I love making
  • lists! So easy to
  • stay organized.
  • Get hella shit done.
  • Hell yeah, the best.


SXSW Adobe Digital Publishing Workshop
Webby Nomination: The Occasional
VSCO Best of 2014: Environments
Featured in "Design Funny" Book


Quotes About Me


Some words about me, from people that know me.

Nate and I were once lost and found on the side of an Oregon mountain. He was a bear & I was a lion.


He has many great photos, one from a night I nearly died jumping roof to roof with him.

Darryl Gudmundson

A boss, a co-worker, a true friend who will take care of your dog when you go out of town.



He is a pretty special individual; passionate, funny, adventurous, dedicated, bilingual, certified organic, bulletproof, multidimensional, smaller and slightly blurry at large distances, totally not imaginary.

Greg Rutter

Nathan Maggio is a man of peace and a man of action. He reconciles these modes through creative generation in every facet of his life. He inspires and draws forth the best from those he encounters. 🙏🏽



Hey Bud, totally whiffed on this, but of course! I've never actually written a quote before— how long should it be, and how many times can I use the C-word in it?


Nathan is an incredibly-intelligent man with an infectious laugh, my general taste in music and a heart so warm you might even break a sweat. If you can, see him while he's still in theaters! (Five Stars)


Nate has helped me move my personal belongings from over 3 different residences. Reliable and good with dogs and well behaved children. 



He has the ability to raise morale and organize groups through the uncanny use of rhythmic clapping.

Burke Shartsis

I once picked him up at a train station after his 6 hour train ride. I can't believe he can sit on a train for that long.



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This feels narcasitic.


Because there is so much face happening. But I dig the projects and want to share.

 I grew out my beard and then GIF'd it.

I grew out my beard and then GIF'd it.

  My life from March 2013 to March 2014.

My life from March 2013 to March 2014.

  I took 500+ selfies from 2011-2012

I took 500+ selfies from 2011-2012


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